Protesters petrol bomb another Isithebe factory

Jeff Wicks

Durban - A group of protesters petrol bombed a clothing factory in Isithebe on Wednesday evening, the latest in a string of attacks.

Pushed from the streets of the industrial complex into surrounding informal settlements, platoons of rioters roamed the streets, chanting and jeering at police.

Police and security personnel were the first to arrive at the Distinctive Choice clothing factory as a plume of black smoke rose from the warehouse.

A petrol bomb had been hurled onto the back of the factory and flames began tearing through the interior.

Firefighters, protected by heavily armed guards, have started fighting the fire.

Four factories were also petrol-bombed in Isithebe on Monday night.

On Tuesday morning, protesters marched to the local police station to demand the release of 120 people arrested on charges of public violence, malicious damage to property and arson, after several factories and vehicles were torched.

The protest purportedly stems from the re-nomination of the ex-mayor to stand as a councilor in the upcoming local government elections.

This is a developing story.