3 die in Eshowe water pipe tragedy

Jeff Wicks, News24

Durban - Three men died in a freak accident at a construction site in Eshowe, northern KwaZulu-Natal, on Tuesday.

Netcare 911 spokesperson Chris Botha said paramedics had received an emergency distress call about workers who had become stuck in a pipe.

"Reports from the scene indicate that the men were working in a water pipe that had a blockage. To clear the water they used a petrol motor pump inside the confined area.

"With a carbon monoxide build-up the men appear to have been overcome," he said.

Botha said that paramedics were confronted with three men who were in a critical condition, one of whom had stopped breathing.

"Paramedics worked fervently to resuscitate the man at the scene. Tragically, he was declared dead after an extensive resuscitation effort," he said.

"Our rescue officer and the police search and rescue team went into the pipe to search for two men who were still missing. They had to pull the petrol motor out first and then they found the two bodies. The bodies have been recovered," he said.

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