Buhari and the N5000 stipend: What are Nigerians really upset about?

Buhari’s decision to reverse his earlier plans to provide the unemployed in Nigeria with a monthly N5000 stipend has stirred varied reactions from Nigerians in the country’s political and socio-economical spheres. On one hand, the president’s decision is being greeted as yet another failed promise from his administration, while on the other hand Nigerian policy makers and economy-oriented citizens are lauding his responsible choice.

Nasarawa State Governor Tanko Umaro Al-Makura posits that the president retains the right to review any policies that he makes in the country’s interest whenever he deems it necessary. Al-Makura went on to suggest that Nigerians should make a habit of supporting the president at such times in order to better see the results of his good intentions for the country. His view is backed up by notable individuals such as former Police Commissioner Alhaji Abubakar Tsav, as well as a good number of the Nigerian masses on social media.

The opposing set of Nigerians vehemently disagree, with former House of Representatives Speaker, Austin Opara claiming that the president’s All Progressives Congress “hoodwinked Nigerians” and Dr. Tank Yakassai stating that the ruling party was never prepared to rule the country, and thus their penchant for neglecting campaign promises does not surprise him.

Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha represents the set of Nigerians who do not know what to make of Buhari’s latest decision. To them, while the reversal in itself might create developmental opportunities that Nigeria is in dire need of, it also displays the presidency’s lack of direction yet again.

#WhereIsTheChange which resurfaced with a passion on Twitter last week accurately encapsulates the various reactions of Nigerians the announcement made by Buhari during his visit to Makkah, Saudi Arabia. The hashtag was accompanied by numerous debates attempting to determine if Nigerians should reluctantly accept this impulsive feature of the current administration as their fate.

Buhari and the N5000 unemployment stipend: What are Nigerians …

President Buhari announced that he will reverse the N5000 monthly stipend previously planned for unemployed citizens in Nigeria. How do Nigerians feel about Buhari's broken promise?

Posted by Ventures Africa on Thursday, March 3, 2016

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