Zimbabwe revamps visa regime

Clemence Masango (2)

Clemence Masango, the principal director in the department of immigration

ZIMBABWE on Thursday said it had revamped its visa regime to facilitate the movement of people into the southern African country, where tourism industry players have been called for a relaxation of movement to grow the industry.
Clemence Masango, the principal director in the department of immigration told a press conference in Harare that citizens from all southern African Development Community (SADC) countries were now free to travel to Zimbabwe without a visa.
In addition, Chinese nationals were moved from Category C, where they have to apply for a visa before traveling to Zimbabwe to Category B, which allows them to apply for a visa on arrival on their port of entry.
There would be a free restrictions, however, on this requirement.
Only Chinese tourists traveling as a group and have been cleared by a tour operator would qualify for this category.
About 37 countries have been moved from Category C to Category B and these include Equatorial Guinea, Turkey and Cuba.
“This new position is in response to voices in the tourism sector who want to see the facilitation of the movement of people rather than control,” Masango told reporters.
He added; “We should also be mindful of the need to safeguard the security of our people and our country. We have to strike a balance,” he said, adding that further consultations were underway to see how the country could make passage through its port smooth for tourists and the business community.

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