Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) denies MTN’s payment of N50 billion

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has debunked the widespread news of MTN’s acclaimed N50 billion part-payment of the fine imposed on them in October last year. In an official statement released yesterday, MTN claimed that it was dropping its legal challenge, in addition to making a payment of N50 billion in “good faith”. But this information could not be validated yesterday as the Special Adviser on Media to the Minister, Mr. Victor Oluwadare, said that it was not clear whether or not the NCC had accepted the condition or terms under which the case was being withdrawn by MTN.

But today, Tony Ojobo, the Director of Communication, NCC, confirmed that the commission was neither aware of MTN’s decision to withdraw its court case, nor its alleged payment of N50 billion to the Nigerian government. “We (NCC) are not privy to it (agreement to withdraw a case from court and pay $250 million by MTN),” Ojobo said. “We do not have anything to do with it. We do not have any evidence of payment of any money to the Nigerian government. There is no invoice to that effect. And we have also not gotten any official information or confirmation that they have withdrawn their case in court,” he added.

According to him, the widespread news of the company’s N50 billion part-payment was released by  MTN South Africa and not the NCC. We have not gotten into any discussion on the modalities of payment of the fine. Whatever MTN is doing does not affect the fact that a regulatory fine was imposed and payment is expected,” he said.

Mr. Ojobo further assured Nigerians that the management of the NCC would meet later today to review the report and make a decision, which would be communicated to the public through an official statement.

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