Windhoek students sleep in sewage

Windhoek - An official from the Namibian government has reacted with horror and disgust after finding students living in deplorable conditions at the Ella du Plessis Secondary School in Windhoek, the Namibian Sun reports.

The dilapidated hostels have been covered in water since last week, with blocked drains causing widespread rot and stink.

James Sankwasa, Deputy Minister of Works and Transport in the country, lamented the lack of supervision at the school and accused management of mismanaging the hostel.

According to cleaners at the institution, rampant vandalism had taken over the campus, with water left running for hours on end without any intervention.

The deputy head at the school, Sylvester Mowa, shifted the blame, saying students lacked proper cleaning supplies to clean their rooms on weekends, when the cleaners were not on duty.

It also emerged that illegal squatters also occupied the premises.

The superintendent of the school, Chrispin Sikambo, confirmed the existence of illegal squatters at the hostels, saying that 12 families occupied the caretaker's flat and several garages on the property, while making use of the hostel's facilities.

The illegal tenants were said to have refused to vacate the property, despite an order issued by the ministry of education.

According to a report by All Africa, eviction notices were handed to the families on December 31 last year.

Some of the "tenants", however, denied knowledge of eviction notices, revealing that they had been staying on the property for a number of years.

Anna Nghipondoka, Deputy Minister of Education in the country indicated that her ministry had no knowledge of the dire conditions faced by the students.