CBC brewery goes solar

The Cape Brewing Company (CBC) now boasts the country’s first ‘green’ beer crafted using solar thermal power. Installed by E3 Energy Group, the 84kW system is powered by 12, 10m2 flat-plate solar collectors on the roof of the brewery in Paarl.

The system heats 10 000 litres/day of mountain spring water to 85ºC, which is the temperature required for brewing. Previously this was done with a paraffin boiler, which now remains the backup.

At a cost of R1.5 million and with a 15-20-year lifespan, the system received R150 000 in funding from the Austrian Development Cooperation’s Soltrain initiative. The system’s return on investment is expected to be about 4.5 years.

E3 Heating has committed to managing the system, ensuring it runs optimally over the first 24 months.

CBC is determined to meet the burgeoning demand for craft beer nationwide, while simultaneously lowering its carbon footprint, energy consumption and sustainably managing wastewater. This reduces production costs and gives the company a competitive advantage.