Fears of typhoid outbreak in Zimbabwe

Harare - Health authorities in Zimbabwe's north eastern parts fear a serious typhoid outbreak after at least 15 typhoid cases were confirmed in Harare, reports NewsDay.

A total of 125 other suspected cases were being investigated.

The city council urged people not to buy food from street vendors, who allegedly used unclean containers to dish up food. This, they said, would assist in curbing the spread of the disease.

"We remain vigilant and now [we] have roped in all departments to ensure that we do not leave anything to chance," the Harare city council spokesperson, Michael Chidema was quoted as saying.

But residents, on the other hand, accused the city authorities of exposing them to unhygienic condition, as they struggled to access clean water.

Harare City Health Director, Dr Prosper Chonzi, recently called for calm as he claimed that for an outbreak to be declared, there had to be more than 30 confirmed cases of typhoid, according to a News 24 report.

Reports indicate that outdated infrastructure in most of the southern African country’s cities led to an outbreak of cholera in 2008, killing over 4 200 people and infected about 100 000.