Durban mall to evict pesky cat... and its 'informal housing'

Jeff Wicks, News24

Durban – A Durban shopping mall is moving to evict an unwelcome guest, a ginger cat that has taken up residence in a parking lot.

The La Lucia Mall said the cat “needs a loving home”, but also fired a shot across the bow at those who were feeding the unwanted squatter. They also had terse words for a do-gooder, who had placed a cat box in the bushes for 'Gingerboy', saying that it was tantamount to trespassing.

The Mall posted this message on their Facebook page, after concerned shoppers had expressed anger over the looming 'eviction': "This beautiful ginger cat currently resides in the mall's car park and needs to find a loving home.

"As many of our shoppers are aware, La Lucia Mall prides itself in being a supporter of organisations such as the SPCA that do exceptional work in caring for homeless animals, however the placement of an unauthorised kennel on private property constitutes trespassing and we cannot encourage the community to provide informal housing of cats in general on our premises.

"Apart from this, the cat is potentially in daily danger of getting run over in the car park. We are working with concerned community members on finding this beloved cat a home," they wrote.

Responding to questions from News24, La Lucia Mall marketing manager Cindene Smith said the cat had been living in the car park "for some time".

"The people who placed the housing for the cat on our property did so without consulting us and without our permission, albeit a good deed on their part. We have no intention of pursuing this legally, however, we do ask for our shoppers to be mindful of the fact that this is private property,” she said.

“Would La Lucia Mall place a kennel or cat house on any of its neighbours' property and chain it to a pole on their property without consultation? I think not."