Life Hack 107 – Want your clothes to last ‘forever’ while they keep looking ‘new’? Try these seven tips

Not everyone can afford to go shopping for clothes every other year. And frankly, why should you have to, when you can cut your costs by simply applying tips that make your current ones last for as long as they can? These easy tips below (or rules, if you must) will keep your wardrobe looking fresh for a while.

Do not wash clothes after one wear

It may sound a bit bizarre to some, but the basic truth remains that clothes do not need frequent washing. Frequent washing damages the fibres of your clothes’ fabric over time, thereby significantly shortening the lifespan of an otherwise ‘nearly immortal’ piece. So, try to avoid getting stained on the first wear. If you can’t, apply baby powder on oil and grease stains, rub in and leave overnight. Repeat as necessary.


To keep the underarm area of your clothes from exposing your ‘little secret’:

  1. Spray lemon juice on the area before washing light-coloured shirts and blouses and generally clothes that tend to show sweat patches.
  2. For after-wear-odours, put vodka (unflavoured, cheap) in a spray bottle, and go to work on the affected areas. Leave to dry.

Do not hang all the clothes in your wardrobe

Know when to fold. Literally. Not all clothes are made for hanging. Clothes that are stretchy by nature, such as wool or lycra for instance, tend to overly do just that when left on hangers for long periods of time. Fold vulnerable clothes, also to keep them from losing shape and form.


Separate colours!

For when wash day finally arrives. A lot of us ignore the instructions about washing only similar colours together, but we do so to our own detriment. Colours that run out during wash go on to stain other clothes, wearing them out and drastically reduce their time with you.


Wash jeans inside out

Jeans contain dyes which are responsible for their colours. Therefore, ensure that you turn your pairs inside out before washing in order to save the dye from bleeding out. Additionally, jeans are the product of a quest for durable clothing and are not made for regular washing in the first place. Doing so causes them to fade quicker than necessary.


De-pill clothes using a razor

After wearing them for a while, some clothes begin to pill, aka they start to have ‘hairs’. There is no cause for alarm. Use a razor to shave off pills and give your aging clothes a one up.


Air dry your laundry

Using a drying machine is just as well, but if you really want to extend the life of your clothing items then the good old-fashioned way is the best way to go; leave your clothes out to dry naturally.


Prop up your hemlines

Just like what they say about our hands, the hems are one of the easiest ways to tell how old a piece of truly clothing is. However, this also can be helped. Once your shirts, skirts, and trousers start to look frayed, depending on the area, just stitch them with a machine, or take them in. Or up. And so you have a ‘new’ outfit in your wardrobe.


One extra, incredibly useful tip to make all of the recommended tips possible in the first place is to buy clothes that are ageless! It’s easy to decide to buy clothes based on what everyone else is talking about or wearing at the time. But, stop and ask yourself how it will look in six years and then make your choice. Cheers to long life!

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