Joburg Adventures [1/2]


Chris Roberts contributes a photo essay of some of his Joburg adventures.

“I’m a freelance creative content generator, which means I take photos/make videos/design logos/illustrate for a living. I’m from Johannesburg, Born and raised, and I have never felt any regret or remorse for that. I’ve met many people who live in Jo’burg but wish they lived somewhere else and I’ve also heard every reason in the book; whether it’s safety, beauty or the price of bread people seem to carry this negative cloud around them when it comes to anything about Jozi. But I’m a firm believer in the idea that you take the bad weather with you wherever you go, so if you are a negative person then no matter where you go you will always find something to complain about. That being said I couldn’t think of a more eclectic place with more interesting characters. I strive to dive as deep as I can into the melting pot of culture that my city offers me, and in return she rewards me with the most amazing captured moments, which I will cherish forever. Here you will find a few of my favourite photographs taken by me form different adventures into the inner city that I love so much. I hope that through looking at these pictures gives you insight into why Jo’burg is so amazing and inspires you to go out and explore this wonderful city that’s just waiting to be discovered.” – Chris Roberts



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11357742_607161242760169_1203375080_nChris is a young Creative currently living in Johannesburg.He specialises in Photography, Videography and Graphic design.


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