Life Hack 213: Four quick tips to make your home more organised

Studies prove that for most people, stress builds up along with the amount of clutter that they find exists in their homes. Having to constantly worry about the state of your home causes anxiety, and it can certainly reduce your level of productivity. For those that would prefer to have one less thing to worry about when they return home after a long day, or just when we want to look around the house and smile, here are some minor changes that you can make around the house to keep it organised.

In your living room

Depending on who you are or what kind of life you lead, your living room can either be the place you spend the most or least time. Except you’re a single person, career-consumed, or quite organised, there’s always something to remove from the living room or rearrange as you struggle to keep it looking tidy.

Tip – Create a permanent place for everything!


Build storage cabinets or racks on your walls, and name them after items or people. That way, whether it’s just you, or you have guests, or housemates, everyone is visually compelled to return whatever they take back to its ‘home’, leaving your parlour tidy and keeping you from reaching your wits’ end.

In your bathroom

The bathroom is one area of your house that shows how much attention you pay to where you live. In here, you have to deal with lime and rust, and other such villains.


  1. You can avoid having rust marks all over your counter by keeping products – the ones in cans, in particular – upside down. You can also create wooden racks on a wall to place them in.


      2. To avoid having a wet floor after a shower which encourages dirt and grime build up, use your bath gel or shampoo bottles to hold your shower curtain in place.

In your kitchen

A kitchen seems like the easiest place to manage items, but it is quite prone to clutter. It also gets dirty and grimy, given all of the cooking and washing activities that take place there.


  1. Utilise your ceiling. Create an overhead rack for some of your cookware.


     2. For cleaning, use a glass cleaner and flour for your stainless steel appliances, to keep them rust and grime free.

In your bedroom

The place you should feel the most relaxed, because your first and last moments of the day are spent in here. An untidy bedroom has the ability to quickly portray you as… hopeless.


  1. Opt for hanging hooks; Place them behind door and on walls, if you’re the type that needs easy access to certain things, but still want to keep them orderly.
  2. Dive for under-the-bed storage


A lot of us have space under our beds that we almost never use. You can convert the space under your bed to drawers to store some of your clothes, bed sheets, and other such things that could be kept close to you, but neatly so.

Kick back, relax, and enjoy your home!

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