CABINET FILES: The British diverted our rains, Cdes

Youthful ZANU PF member of parliament Mayor Justice Wadyajena.

ZANU PF member of parliament Mayor Justice Wadyajena.

Dear Cabinet and Politburo members

COMRADES, I will be addressing you fully next week… you are all aware that my vacation was not as quiet as I would have loved it to be, despite the fact that I had successfully wrong-footed those sworn detractors who are always hounding me when I am supposed to be resting.
Anyway, I am relieved that Cde Report managed to get us the rains…it was something that was eating at me.
The coming of the rains is a real big relief for us farmers and most of our people who depend on the land.
I have this feeling that the British are responsible for all this situation we find ourselves in… the possibility of them diverting our rains to their country cannot be ruled our, knowing how far these people can take their mischief to. It cannot be a mere accident of coincidence that while we were being threatened with drought, they have been having floods right in the middle of a winter!
We might have to set up a crack team to look into this obvious act of aggression.

Kindest Regards
Yours Sincerely


Genteel poverty
Being in the season of crack teams as we find ourselves to be, it emerged that after the sad passing on in Harare last week of his dear mother, deputy Information Technology and Courier Services minister, Cde Win Mlambo promptly dispatched a crack team to his rural home in Chipinge where it expropriated paint from a local school to hurriedly paint all the houses at the homestead as well as commandeer graders from the Zimbabwe National Road Administration to make the road passable.
This is nothing new. The same happened when national hero, Cde Nathan Shamuyarira, passed on in June, 2014. His home was hurriedly spruced up to cover up signs that the former minister had been thoroughly neglected and died a pauper.
We are reminded of a similar incident in which the now late former Cabinet minister, Cde Edward Chindori-Chininga, built a six-roomed house in his village in Guruve in one day to impress his government colleagues after his father had died.
All these people do this because they would rather be viewed as what they wish they were, not what exactly they are. It is a disease called genteel poverty… and it affects too many of us. We spend our whole lives trying to impress the chap next door by faking that we are what we can never be.
This week we were told MDC-T legislator, Alexio Musundire, and another opposition activist filed a lawsuit in which they are challenging President Robert Mugabe’s powers to decide who is a national hero and who is not in Zimbabwe.
Dr CZ does not believe in issues about heroes, worshipping and idolisation of other mortals and some such things, so it is not for him to join the debate on whether President Mugabe is being partisan when it comes to whose remains get interred on that hill.
As someone who is practical and is living in the here now and seized with how to survive for another day, Dr CZ thinks there are more pressing bread and butter issues that our legislators and opposition activists should be seized with, before they get time to seek honour for the dead.
Surely for them to lose sleep over which dead body ends up where is a clear sign of policy barrenness.
Warped priorities
This week, there were reports that all government’s main referral hospitals had run out of very basic, let alone critical drugs and the situation had become so bad that patients were being asked by buy even their own painkillers.
Ironically, this comes at a time when the ruling party has just concluded a weeklong multi-million dollar junket in the resort town of Victoria Falls that was disguised as an annual conference.
Already, the same party has  announced that another feast is planned for Masvingo in a few weeks’ time. Another such event took place in July last year.
Party members, most of whom have since developed healthy extortionist tendencies, bankroll all these events through fund-raising activities.
This comes at a time when government — in its accustomed wisdom — has reportedly ordered nearly 700 vehicles worth about US$50 million from an Indian carmaker. Not to mention this unfolding hotel-gate!
If only the party would become considerate for one last time and divert all these resources to life and death situations facing the very people that have made that party what it boasts to be.
Sadly, for now, all Dr CZ can do is hope.


Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku

Dr CZ is happy that Gokwe-Nembudziya legislator, Justice Mayor Wadyajena, was cleared of criminal charges in which he was charged with insulting Amai.
Wadyajena had allegedly made disparaging remarks to a member of a rival political camp in the ruling ZANU-PF last month at the party’s annual conference in Victoria Falls.
For that, he was promptly arrested only to be released on a US$800 bail among other stringent conditions.
At the same Victoria Falls conference, a pastor from Kariba, who thought it was his moral duty to bring the problems in the country to the attention of the authorities, was also arrested and, for three week, languished in remand prison after he failed to raise the US$500 bail demanded by the courts.
Sometimes it is just baffling trying to understand how the justice system in this country works. Sometimes one kills in the name of ZANU-PF and they are released on free bail. Another one kills in the name of another political party and is released on US$2 000 bail plus lots of other conditions, and yet even after this bail money and all the conditions have been met, they would still not be released (the MDC-T’s Glen View group for example!).
Last year, Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku warned the police and prosecutors from abusing the law in cases in which the President’s name and or that of any member of his family were mentioned because often than not, instead of protecting the First Family, the whole process end up exposing them to public ridicule.
This is what seems to continue happening unabated with one frivolous arrest after another being made in the name of the First Family.
Real fraud
“A 29-year-old German man, Demetrius Soupolos, is suing his neighbour 34- year-old Frank Maus for breach of contract after the latter failed to impregnate his wife in 72 different attempts to do so. Soupolos had hired Maus to impregnate his former beauty queen wife Traute as he was sterile and Traute wanted a baby badly. He thought Maus would be a good choice as he resembled him and is a father of two. Soupolos paid Maus US$2 500 for the job and for three evenings a week for the next six months, Maus tried desperately a total of 72 times to impregnate Traute. When Traute did not get pregnant after six months, Soupolos insisted Maus go for a medical examination, which revealed he was sterile as well. Mau’s wife was then forced to confess Maus was not the real father of her two kids.
In his defence, Maus said he did not “guarantee” conception, but only that he would give an  honest shot at it”.
See what is real fraud? When you get money from someone with no intention of meeting your side of the bargain and or when you sell someone bottled smoke or snake oil?
As in the case before the courts in Harare in which a 54-year-old man, Clive Barangiro, described as a budding gospel singer, lost over US$2 000 to three conmen who masqueraded as n’angas and made him believe that they could make him very rich.
Something along the Chinhoyi rock diesel saga.

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