Highlights of Ibrahim Magu’s meeting with the press

At a gathering of online publishers, under the umbrella of the Guild of Corporate Online Publishers, yesterday in Lagos, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Chairman Ibrahim Magu spoke about many issues surrounding the ongoing investigation into the $2.1 billion scam in the office of the former National Security Adviser of Nigeria (NSA) Sambo Dasuki, also known as the Dasukigate. He touched on many areas including the arrests of key culprits in the investigation.

On whether former President Goodluck Jonathan should be indicted

Some people have argued that, since the office of the National Security Adviser is under the office of the President of Nigeria, former President Goodluck Jonathan should be included in the investigation. However, Ibrahim Magu said yesterday that the EFCC had no reason to invite Goodluck Jonathan in for questioning. Goodluck Jonathan had released the funds to the NSA for the purpose of the purchase of arms and there was no document that proved otherwise. “All approvals by former president Jonathan did not mention that it was for political purposes. All the memos approved by him were for the purchase of arms,” Ibrahim Magu said.

On the arrest and quick release of Jafaru Isa

Skeptics of President Buhari’s fight on corruption came out in full force early yesterday when the EFCC announced the release of Jafaru Isa, a friend of President Buhari, just 48 hours after arresting him. These skeptics claimed Buhari was being partial in his fight against corruption, evidenced by his leniency with friends and his hard stance with his enemies, most especially members of the opposition party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). However, Ibrahim Magu yesterday put to rest those claims. He said despite the fact that Jafaru Isa returned N100 million from the N170 million given to him by the former NSA, Jafaru Isa would still be prosecuted by the Courts. Therefore, his release does not signify freedom from indictment. He was given bail to source for the rest of the money he received.

On PDP Spokesman Olisah Metuh’s refusal to eat in EFCC’s detention

Olisah Metuh, PDP Spokesman was arrested by the EFCC last week due to his active involvement in the $2.1 billion scam and had allegedly gone on hunger strike for fear he would be poisoned in EFCC’s detention. However, Ibrahim Magu claimed that was not the case. He said Metuh had decided on a hunger strike rather than refunding the N400 million he allegedly received from Sambo Dasuki. Reports today say Metuh has already spilled the beans on his involvement in the scam, which shows the length Nigerian political figures could go to escape prosecution.

On the influence of the media on EFCC arrests

The PDP has claimed that Buhari’s administration was on a witch hunt, in order to weaken the opposition. They also claimed that Buhari’s mouthpiece in his smear campaign is usage of the social media and television houses. EFCC boss said his commission is not being selective in its fight and that the EFCC is not “tele-guided” in its fight against corruption.

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