Five reasons why the world loved David Bowie

British legendary singer and rockstar, David Bowie died yesterday after his 18-month long battle with cancer at the age of 69. According to a report from, he died peacefully, surrounded by his family. Following the news of his death, tributes have been pouring in from different parts of the world from grieving celebrities and music lovers who grew up listening to the late singer’s music and were inspired by him in various ways.

Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, whose love of music is common knowledge in the country was among those who mourned the iconic artist on social media. Others include Pharrell Williams, Ricky Gervais, Mark Ruffalo, and Josh Groban. Only last week, Bowie released what is now his last album on January 8, titled ‘Blackstar’, to mark his 69th birthday.

David Bowie (real name David Robert Jones) was one of the musicians that characterised glam rock music in the 1970s, although his first hit song, Space Oddity, was released in 1969. He is admired for his constant evolution across various music genres, garnering him the nickname “Chameleon”. His musical abilities, both vocally and instrumental, set him apart from his peers. The highly respected Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum inducted him as one of its members in 1996.

Bowie is without a doubt one of the most loved and appreciated musicians of all time. In memory of the extraordinary being that was him, below are five reasons why the world could not help but fall in love with David Bowie.

His music

Of course, the most obvious of all his virtues and accomplishments, David Bowie gifted the world with beautiful music after beautiful music. From Space Oddity to Ashes to Ashes to Fame to Heroes, and a host of other such amazing works of art, David brought magic to the world and made everyone believe in it. He constantly reinvented his sound, effortlessly maneuvering through and across genres.


Throughout his life, Bowie released 25 studio albums, 13 video albums, 111 singles, amongst other notable achievements.

His evolving style

As one of his songs, ‘Change’, oddly depicts, Bowie’s countless transitions are a major part of his stardom. Over the course of his over 50-year old career, he switched between characters such as Starman, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, which saw him in sci-fi costumes, colourful/glittery clothing, little-to-no clothing, tailored suits, and various outlandish hairstyles and makeup at different times.


Bowie’s fashion and style evolution inspired youth across generations, and remains one of the most memorable things about him.

His eccentricity… and Ziggy Stardust

The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders form Mars was one of the star’s best albums, according to many. In this album, Bowie introduces his alter ego, Ziggy Stardust, highlighting an eccentricity that became synonymous with him. Bowie was fascinated with space, technology and the future, and his fascination was reflected in his music and personality. In 2009, he made the AllWomensTalk list of 8 Most Eccentric Pop Stars.


His philanthropic heart

Despite openly claiming an inability to commit to charitable causes, David Bowie was involved in a number of them. Together with his wife Iman, who is renowned for her passion for philanthropy, and celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Bowie has executed charities such as Keep a Child Alive and Peace Thru Art, among others which help to alleviate the condition of poor communities living with HIV/AIDS.


His beautiful marriage to Iman

David Bowie was married to supermodel Iman for 23 years, and together they have a daughter. According to the late rockstar, he was already naming their future kids on the first night that he met Iman. As one of the most powerful couples in the world, Iman and Bowie truly accomplished a lot together by loving and supporting one another endlessly. Their relationship was both enviable and inspirational to many individuals around the world.


The Starman’s music and legacies live on, and he will be remembered in the hearts of millions for a very long time to come.

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