Cecil The Lion Tops Global Search


Cecil the Lion

GOOGLE has announced its annual Zeitgeist, offering a unique perspective on the year’s major events and hottest trends based on searches conducted on the service globally. Some Country in Africa have their Zeitgeist like South Africa and Uganda,  but sadly Zimbabwe is not listed.

Zeitgeist means ‘the spirit of the times’ or the ‘general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era’.

If you have been traveling on the internet this year you should know about Cecil The Lion. Cecil The Lion was number 8 in globel search for 2015 with over 32 million searches since July .Cecil the lion lived in Zimbabwe and was both an attraction in the area and being studied and tracked by the University of Oxford. A recreational hunter shot and killed Cecil on July 1, 2015, drawing international media attention.

People turned to Google search to ask questions about lion hunting and the death of Cecil. And Some of the Top searchs were:

Top questions on lion hunting

Is it legal to hunt lions?
Why do people hunt lions?
Where do lions live?
How much does it cost to hunt a lion?
Is it illegal to hunt lions in Africa?

Top questions on Cecil the lion

Who killed Cecil the lion?
Why is Cecil the lion famous?
What happened to Cecil the lion?
How old was Cecil the lion?
When was Cecil the lion killed?

Globally, the top tending search for 2015 was Lamar Odom, followed by Charlie Hebdo and Agar.io. Three movies made the top ten global list: Furious 7,Jurassic World and American Sniper. As well as the game, Fallout 4. – techunzipped.com

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