These were the most viewed stories on Ventures Africa in 2015

2015 was a critical year for Nigeria, as presidential elections dominated conversations across the country and the globe. However, in addition to the elections, there were other stories people couldn’t get enough of. Particularly, inspired events that signify a continent in progress, and plight simultaneously. Here are the most viewed stories on Ventures Africa in 2015. We hope to bring you many more in 2016.

1. Top 10 Richest Countries in Africa


Where we list the top 10 richest countries on the continent. Can you guess who was number one?

2. ISIS vs. ISIL vs. Daesh vs. Islamic State, explained


The terminology used for 2015’s most infamous terrorist sect, explained. Lingo we imagine will likely be updated again in 2016.

3. Ethiopian Airlines makes history with an all-women flight crew


2015 was just another year where girl power kicked ass…

4. Three South African teenage girls create Africa’s first private satellite

cape town

over and over again.

5. Nigerian student builds fully functional artificial intelligence robot in Sri Lanka


2015 was also just another year when Nigerian students showed the depths of their knowledge and imagination.

6. Meet Nigeria’s N1Billion Blogger


Linda Ikeji built a media empire by giving Nigerians what they want- gossip, Naija style.

7. Zambia’s Richest Man Wants Countries To Be Managed Like Businesses


Where African leaders and pioneers pushed for how to make Africa and stronger.

8. Why Postponing Nigeria’s Elections Is Risky For The Economy

Vote ends, count begins in SS referendum.

International experts anticipated that Nigeria’s elections would be a disaster ridden event filled with violence and instability. And when the elections were postponed, everyone thought it would make matters worse. However, while postponing the elections has effected the economy through a ripple effect (Buhari’s delayed appointments, etc.) the elections were largely successful, free and fair.

9. 20 Influential African Women Entrepreneurs In America To Watch In 2015

Lupita Nyong’o

Have we mentioned how much African women rocked 2015?

10. The ministerial list: Confirmed ministers and their predicted ministerial positions

Raji Fashola- Minister of Power,Works & Housing

Pegged, Baba-go-slow, President Buhari’s ministerial appointments, were the event of 2015 aside from the presidential elections themselves.

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