Five countries to visit in Africa during this festive period


Africa is the second largest and most populous continent in the world, made up of fifty-four immensely diverse countries that are incredibly beautiful despite the challenges they face everyday. In every country in Africa, there’s something wonderful to experience, from the beautiful lakes to the waterfalls or even just the warmth and hospitality you receive from the people you meet everyday.

If you are planning to travel within Africa during this festive period, here are five countries to visit and why you should visit them.


The Gold coast of Africa is famous for being the first country the current President of the United States, Barack Obama, visited and is the best place to start your holiday in Africa. Ghanaians are very hospitable, always welcoming you with the widest of smiles. After you arrive in Accra, don’t fail to visit the popular Osu street which is very similar to Oxford Street in London.

A typical shop in Osu

In Ghana, the handmade works of art constantly on display are a welcome side attraction. Some attractions to visit include the beach in Accra, a trip to the Kakum Forest as well as the famous slave trade point in Elmina Castle. Don’t forget to find a restaurant to try the popular Banku and Tilapia fish dish, a good way to end your day.

Banku and Tilapia

Elmina Castle


Senegal, located between Guinea-Bissau and Mauritania, boasts of three mighty rivers. These rivers provide plenty of fertile land, shimmering coastal lagoons and are home to a variety of birds, hyenas, monkeys, baboons, manatees and dolphins. Senegal is one of the most stable countries in West Africa and should be priority on your list of places to visit in Africa. Cap Skiring is a place to behold as beaches, islands and waterfronts surround it and the beaches in this area are some of West Africa’s finest.

Cap Skirring

For sightseeing, Senegal’s vibrant City of Dakar is a place to visit. Places to visit in the capital city includes the remarkable Grand Mosque which is one of Senegal’s most important religious buildings, Dakar Cathedral, which gives another religious perspective to the city, IFAN Museum, one of West Africa’s oldest museums, and The African Renaissance Monument, the largest and tallest statue in Africa.

Entrance hall at IFAN Museum


The largest economy and most populous country in Africa, Nigeria is rich in culture, natural resources, history and beauties. Nigeria is an amazing place to visit. It has a lot of tourist attractions which includes the Oluma rock, Ikogosi Spring, Tinapa, slave trade port and beaches filled with lots of indoor and outdoor fun.

Olumo Rock

In the commercial city of Nigeria, Lagos which is surrounded by beaches, Badagry features the Mobee Slave Relics Museum, the first story building in Nigeria and the slave trade point of no return. The annual Calabar carnival which comes up during the festive period is also a must attend. During this event, various cultures are on display at the venue and there are varieties of food and artworks on display.

Mobee slave relics

Calabar Carnival

South Africa

South Africa is a geographically and culturally diverse country with 11 national languages. In South Africa, diversity stretches from the hippos in the Limpopo River to the penguins waddling on the Cape. South Africa’s wildlife safaris are also amazing.

South Africa’s largest city, Cape Town is known for its beauty. Table Mountain, the famous landmark in Cape Town is a must visit. A cable car trip to the top of the mountain is the perfect way to orientate yourself on your first trip to the city. While in the cable car one can see RobbeneIland in Table Bay, the place where former president Nelson Mandela was once held prisoner. The Kwazulu-natal in Durban is also a place to visit. It has a wealth of beautiful and cultural attractions that include the country’s most developed beaches south and north of Durban. It is also home for the world-famous game reserves.


Kwazulu natal game reserve


The West African country of Benin is located between Nigeria and Togo. Its people are rich in beauty, culture and history. It is also the birthplace of the Voodoo religion. Every January people visit the country for the vibrant and amazing celebration of annual Voodoo festival.

A future Voodoo priest during the annual Voodoo festival

Visitors can hike through the sacred forest of Kpasse and can also go to see the slave barracks, auction block and the extremely moving emotional gate of No Return.

The sacred forest of Kpasse

The gate of no return

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