Parts of Johannesburg waterless since Friday

Wim Pretorius, News24

Johannesburg - Residents in big parts of Randburg have been waterless since Friday with many of them taking to Twitter to express their disappointment.

On Saturday, a group of technicians were expected to complete repairing a burst pipe line that affected residents in the north west parts of Johannesburg.

The utility said that residents can expect low water pressure as some of its reservoirs still have to be filled.

Cape Town Fish Market in Cresta Mall said their water was restored by Saturday afternoon, but the shortage affected them in such a manner that they had nearly no customers.

By Sunday morning some parts still had no water.

One user posted on Twitter that she hasn’t had water in Randburg since Thursday night.

Johannesburg Water has places some Jojo tanks on street corners in some of the affected areas where people can go to fill water bottles.

They urged residents whose water has been restored to use it sparingly.

“Recovery time will not be quick as we are concentrating on supplying two res (reservoirs) same time,” Johannesburg Water posted on their Twitter page on Sunday.

In another tweet they said that the pressure of the reservoirs needs to be restored in order for water to be restored to the supplying areas.