LETTER FROM AMERICA: US year ends on a factional note


Monica Mutswangwa

I READ a letter written by my white sister, Cathy Buckle, while searching for a silver lining in events in Zimbabwe. I think Zimbabweans have a lot to rejoice about, at least giggle about when they go under their blankets when nobody can report them for factionalism.
My sister must have missed the good news that supreme sister Monica Mutswangwa, who on February 2, lambasted Didymus Mutasa as a dead person (zombie) and an “enemy of progress and a leader of personal interest.” The party is now as strong as ever, reported brother Liberty Dube, because Mutasa had been flushed out.
Now, you would remember that sister Monica and her husband, Chris, walked in Jerusalem, even in Judea, believing themselves to be somebodies.
The supreme sister has been expelled from ZANU-PF for being the mother of all factionalism. From my safe distance, I can laugh out loud (LOL). Surely, ZANU-PF is no respecter of persons.
Truly, as the Lord liveth, there is some natural justice in this world.
As the year comes to a close in the United States, all the economic engines are functioning on an even keel. With almost full employment, the state of the union must be something to crow about. It is not so. My feeling is that the new NAFTA (free trade) global economy has destroyed workers sense of belonging and longevity. The average stay on one job is now less than 10 years, as companies close or move elsewhere.
So the US population is undergoing an immense sense of insecurity. The wealthy Republicans, led by billionaire Donald Trump and Fox News are feeding on this frenzy to keep the pot boiling in the hope of changing the government in Washington.
The Democrats, led by US President Barack Obama, have failed to understand the insecurity groundswell among the indigenous white populations. The fear of Islamic terrorists divides the nation. The minority population, from which Obama derives his life experience, has been slow to empathise with the white population, whom they regard as being hysterical.
Mother of all factionalisms
Very extreme factionalism was born from Obama’s refusal to condemn Islam and its extreme ideologies outright. In this, he is supported by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and a majority of progressives.
After much study I have found the reason. US minorities do not regard Islam in a negative way. Two thirds of African American prisoners are converted to Islam while in prison. The Nation of Islam, based in Chicago is much admired in minority communities.


US President Barack Obama

Libya has done a lot to advance black businesses in the US through its sovereign non-interest bearing loans. Black Muslims regain that pride, self-sufficiency and a sense of self-worth, which slavery had stolen from them.
But the real zinger is that Obama seemed indifferent to the Islamic threat and regarded it as one of the problems, taking climate change as more serious.
Activist sister Michelle Alexander reveals this secret, which blacks rarely express in mixed company. They whisper that from slavery to Jim Crow and to this day, the social and judicial matrix constitute a “social system that legalised terror against black people”.
Obama has released 6 000 prisoners whose sentences were intended to re-enslave blacks. He intends to release 60 000 more.
Obama insults the Conservatives on a daily basis.
Last week he announced that women would be integrated into combat forces, against the wishes of the joint chiefs. He ignored difficulties in same sex showers in war zones, and the possibility of women soldiers being raped as enemy prisoners.
A Pew research revealed that half the population feels insecure. One more reason is that whites consider the police as protectors of society.
The use of cellphone videos has revealed that black fears of the police making up crimes against innocent blacks are justified.
A white Chicago policeman, who shot a black person 16 times more than a year ago, was still working and receiving a pay cheque. Only after a six week-riot and an appeal to a superior court, did the mayor and the police chief release the offender from the police force.
Trump supporters yearn for a return to the good old days.
Trump says he will forbid Muslim immigration, at least for the time being.
He will bomb the hell (adds an F word) out of Islamic state and its supporters in Iraq.
They say that Obama is clueless about Islam and the threat it poses to the US.
The Obama factionalists are opposed to Trump factionalists, who forget that the US has occupied Iraq and Afghanistan for a decade without success.
When Obama tried to calm down fears in a national address, the fear index rose to 63 percent. Trump’s support actually rose by 10 points.
A new statistic revealed that half the workers earn less than US$30 000 per year, enough to qualify them for food stamps. Trumpists fear for the future. Obamites fear a return to the past. The two have no common ground.
Nothing is impossible in the US. Fear of a black peril (including anti-Islamic fear) has always caused a white backlash in the past. Such a backlash can propel Trump to an electoral victory.
We know Adolf Hitler was elected by a fearful people.
See you next year.
God bless.


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