G40, war veterans square off


Christopher Mutsvangwa

VICTORIA FALLS – ZANU-PF hawks going under the moniker Generation 40 (G40) are understood to be planning to waylay tough talking war veterans’ leader, Christopher Mutsvangwa, at the ongoing ruling party conference here in Victoria Falls.
The Financial Gazette understands that the G40 outfit could be preparing to recommend Mutsvangwa expulsion from the party should the restless ex-combatants go ahead with their plans to call for the head of national politician commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere.
Kasukuwere has not had the warmest of relations with the country’s 1970s liberation war fighters, who have been baying for his blood ever since their famous fallout in May. The ex-fighters accuse Kasukuwere of undermining their participation in Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle after he branded them a bunch of drunkards and taxi drivers.
Relations between them have deteriorated further in recent weeks, with the former freedom fighters openly resolving to petition President Robert Mugabe to fire or demote Kasukuwere in favour of someone with liberation war credentials.
Mutsvangwa is expected to table the resolution in a solidarity speech this evening.


Delegates at the conference

But it has emerged that the G40 grouping, which has adopted the smash and grab tactics that were used to destroy former vice president, Joice Mujuru and her friends’ political careers last year, is reported to have already written a letter asking the conference to expel Mutsvangwa whose wife this week suspended from the party’s Women’s League for causing factionalism .
“It’s a tricky situation for him. They have really gone for broke and things could be interesting tonight,” said a top ZANU-PF official in an interview with the Financial Gazette.
But undeterred war veterans are adamant that nothing will stop them from pushing through their agenda.
“We have made our resolutions and we stand by them. We cannot be cowed by some unruly elements that have no respect for our heritage,” said Victor Matemadanda, secretary general of the Zimbabwe Liberation War Veterans Association.

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