Uganda needs 'adequate' land reforms – official

Kampala -Uganda's under secretary in the ministry of lands, housing and urban development, Emmanuel Olaunah Ourum, has attributed the east African country's constant land disputes to the lack of adequate land reform programmes, reports the Daily Monitor.

Speaking during the launch of Land Awareness Week in Nakawa, Ourum said unlawful evictions had become the biggest challenge.

“Unlawful land evictions have adversely affected the majority and most vulnerable categories of people in communities which if left without introducing reforms, customary owners and tenants on registered land may suffer insecurity of tenure and live under fear of being evicted especially as the growing scarcity for land increases,” he said.

Ourum also said due to poor technology, infrastructure and lack of access to national and foreign knowledge, natural resources were often not adequately used or distributed.

“Physical planning has not kept pace with the rapid urbanisation and population increase has caused inadequate supply of serviced land for urban activities and industries,” Ourum said.

Meanwhile NBS TV Uganda aired Executive Director of the ULA, Edmond Owor speaking on land rights.

Owor said the Ugandan people were increasingly becoming aware of their land rights and were, therefore, bound to react when their land rights are being infringed upon.

“The trend is that land injustices are now targeted towards unregistered and unoccupied land customarily held by communities,” Owor said.