Boko Haram raided a community very close to Chibok

Boko Haram miltants have invaded a community near Chibok town, destroying over 60 houses and an unconfirmed number of people in the area. This comes after President Muhammadu Buhari recently declared that the December deadline to defeat Boko Haram, forcing them retreat, is open to change.

According to reports, many residents of the Takulashi community who fled to Chibok, some 15 kilometres away from where insurgents captured over 200 schoolgirls on the 14th of April last year, said there were gunshots fired into houses on Sunday at about 11am. However, this attack was only reported yesterday morning as information reached Maiduguri, the state capital rather late. A source told the Today news agency that the insurgents were few but heavily armed, setting off bombs and setting their houses on fire but many were able to escape before they came any closer.

Last month, on the same day Nigeria’s army allegedly arrested one of the 100 most-wanted Boko Haram suspects in Lagos, twin bombs exploded in a mosque in Cameroon. Two female suicide bombers suspected of belonging to the Boko Haram militant group also killed three Nigerians in a truck with refugees along Cameroon’s far North region.

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