CUPS Nigeria says Senator Na’Allah could be protecting himself against a recall from his constituency

Last week, Ventures Africa informed you of the bill presented by Senator Bala Na’Allah of the Zuru constituency in Kebbi state; ‘A Bill for an Act to prohibit frivolous petitions and other matters connected therewith.’  The bill, which has passed the second reading on the floor of the senate, has been met with a lot of opposition on social media as critics felt the bill was an attempt by the senate to stifle social media conversations in the country.

After the second reading of the bill, the Citizens United for Peace and Stability (CUPS) Nigeria released a report stating that Senator Na’Allah is on the verge of being recalled by his constituency and they claim to have a petition with about 30,000 signatures against him from people within his faction in Kebbi state. According to the CUPS Nigeria report, the action against Senator Na’Allah, asking for his recall is due to the fact that he is a “grandeur traitor and ex-drugs kingpin.”

What the law says about a recall

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While CUPS’ claim is subject to confirmation, there have been a few social media conversations around the subject matter. Some suggest this alleged recall was part of his motivation to develop and push a bill that prohibits freedom of speech. Additionally, CUPS says that the bill stems from a personal vendetta against the organisation as a result of its aid in producing and processing the alleged petition against Senator Na’Allah. On December 5, 2015, the CUPS account published a series of tweets on the matter, corroborating its claim that Na’Allah’s actions were directed against the organisation.

However, the only parties alleging this misconduct are CUPS Nigeria and controversial Human Rights Activist, Dr. Idris Ahmed, who has said the process of recall was constitutional and outlined the steps involved in the process.

Credit - Nigerian Insight
Credit – Nigerian Insight
If the allegation against the senator turns out to be true and the controversial bill is passed, then the petitioners in his constituency will not be able to bring any action against him without an affidavit.

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Credit – Ventures Africa
Here’s what we know about the major players in this allegation against Senator Na’Allah:

Citizens United for Peace and Stability (CUPS) is an organisation claiming to stand for the rights of the Nigerian populace. The organisation was founded by Dr. Idris Ahmed and has various causes which it fights for including child protection and people support. Their ethos, as stated on twitter, is ‘to espouse for unity, peace and security for all Nigerians, through mass mobilization’.

Aside from being the founder of CUPS Nigeria, Dr. Idris Ahmed is a whistleblower, who was in the news in February 2015, for alleging that former president, Goodluck Jonathan’s PhD was fake. At the time, he presented a letter showing the refusal of University of Port Harcourt authorities to release proof of Jonathan’s doctorate. Dr. Ahmed dismissed the letter as proof that the former president lied about his doctorate.

In Senator Na’Allah’s case however, Dr. Ahmed is actively calling for Nigerians to support the ongoing petition against the Kebbi state senator.

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