Pay upfront: Ruling party told


Zanu PF spokesman Simon Khaya Moyo

VICTORIA FALLS — Owners of hotels and lodges in this resort town are demanding cash upfront from ZANU-PF delegates before they can avail their services during the party’s conference next week.
This is informed by the party’s reputation for making use of accommodation facilities, and later reneging on paying for the services rendered.
Some hotels and lodges are still to be paid for providing accommodation, food and drinks during the 21st February Movement celebrations held in this town early this year.
It is said that some ZANU-PF youths rang up astronomical bills, while merrymaking on the sidelines of the celebrations, which are still to be settled.
Figures released to the party’s conference organising committee show that lodges such as A’ Zambezi were owed in excess of US$30 000 each.
Over 6 000 delegates are expected to attend the conference.
Three hotels namely the Elephant Hills, Kingdom Hotel and Victoria Falls Hotel would provide accommodation and meals for 1 158 VIPs, while other hotels and top lodges will accommodate 1 464 delegates.
About 3 064 delegates, together with 410 police and soldiers, would be housed in schools. An estimated US$10 000 would be needed to accommodate the 3 474 delegates (including security personnel in schools).
Delegates would be fed at the conference venue, the Elephant Hills Resort Golf Course, where 10 dining tents have been pitched for each province.

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