HolmJordaan and GWA 2015 Year End Function

The Offices of Holm Jordaan and GWA came together on Friday the 20th of November to relax after what has been a busy and demanding year with many opportunities and successful projects. The aim of this year’s function was to promote cohesion between the offices that are in the process of amalgamating.

Once all the team members arrived to the designated picnic area the fun(ction) started. Employees were divided into diverse teams form various offices. The aim for the different teams was to make the best potjie and punch.

Teams were given a quick verbal briefing and the ingredients were introduced. The teams worked profusely and it seemed like an episode of Master Chef South Africa. Directors Gerrit Jordaan, Reinier Visser and Marguerite Pienaar acted as the Potjiekos judges and gave extensive feedback judging on taste, presentation and of course: underlying concept. It was a fun filled day where new friendships were made and old ones were strengthened.

We would like to thank everyone at HolmJordaan and GWA for a great year special thank you to Jannes from GWA for coordinating the function. Enjoy the festive season. We are looking forward to an even bigger and better year in 2016.

Preparing ingredients to go into the pot The judges busy tasting The potjies on the fire Having a good time around the potjie fire.

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