Sierra Leoneans celebrate Ebola-free status with viral video

Sierra Leone’s Ebola-free status is being celebrated by its citizens across the country. This is especially visible in an online viral video that has been been tagged the “feel-good video of the year” by media sources. The video features Sierra Leone’s President Bai Koroma, dancing to an “Azonto” remix, done by rapper Block Jones, with the support of music/music talent promoters, Freetown Uncut. The country officially received its latest health status on the 7th of November, which marked the 42nd day since the last diagnosis, as well as the end of an incubation period that makes it safe to declare it free of the virus.

The country’s battle with the fatal virus since March 2014, resulted in the loss of 3,955 lives and a break-down of its health, economic, and social systems. Therefore, it was only fitting that the lyrics of the song expressed the people’s gratitude for the arrival of a “new day.”

However, doctors and other healthcare professionals have asked the country to remain alert, especially since certain survivors still display symptoms of medical ailments, classified as side-effects of the disease. This is especially necessary as neighbouring countries like Liberia and Guinea are battling with a resurgence of the virus.

Last week, Guinea appeared to be on the road to joining Sierra Leone in its celebrations, but following the treatment of its last known patient (a baby girl, who lost her mother to the disease as soon as she was born), the country was unable to pass the 42-day test without any incident.

Fortunately, despite a series of ‘late cases’ common with the disease, which involves residual content of the virus in parts of the body that are not capable of engineering a spread and can be contained if proper health care channels and structures are improved and maintained.

Hopefully, the “Bye-bye Ebola” virus would spread quicker to countries still affected and in the nearest future, the African continent in its entirety can be declared ebola-free.

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