Staff Appointments

Congratulations to new employees Leone Pieters and Walter Raubenheimer, who were awarded for their respective academic achievements. Leone, a design intern, received the award for the best overall student in all modules at the University of Pretoria for the B.Arch degree. Walter, a candidate architect, received the Corobrik Regional Architectural Student of The Year Award at the University of Pretoria; as well as the PIA Design Prize – Best student in design in the MProf(Arch) programme – 2014. He also received the SACAP Medal 2014 – Highest average in the MProf(Arch) programme at the University of Pretoria – 2014. We are also holding thumbs this week for his successful representation at the national Corobrik awards. Marguerite Pienaar, Director at HolmJordaan, completed her Master of Architecture research degree with distinction last year, and was awarded the Neil Powell post-graduate bursary 2014.

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