50th Birthday Celebration

On the 11th of October HolmJordaan celebrated their 50th birthday with an elegant evening of champagne, wine and gourmet food in the Guild House courtyard. Even the rain could not stop the party from going on.

The evening was opened by the acclaimed Prof Roger Fischer where after, founding partners Dieter and Albrecht Holm entertained the crowd with the classic reminiscences of where it all began, and the reality that the field of architecture never ceases to astonish all of us involved in the day to day practising thereof. It is not hard to imagine the next 50 years as the past 50 years and the way forward was celebrated and inspired by all the directors and their unique contributions that each individual brings to the firm. The new HolmJordaanMeago was introduced and directors Mbasa Tshombe and Oupa Nke shared their views and approach to the latest addition of the HolmJordaan family.

The crowd was entertained by the classic sounds of the band Tidal Waves, and the designer cake was ceremoniously cut to celebrate the first 50 years of a legacy that is guaranteed to reinvent itself for the next 50 years!

Thank you to all our loyal clients, colleagues, friends and family for the kind wishes and support for our semi-centennial celebration and achievement, we look forward to the next 50 years with you!

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