Explosions rip through mobile phone market in Kano, Nigeria

It appears terrorists are out to bring Africa’s giant to its knees. In two days, the country have witnessed several bomb blasts with a high number of recorded casualties. Yesterday, explosions rocked a fruit market in the north-eastern state of Yola, leaving 32 dead and 80 injured.  Today, at about 4:00 pm (1500 GMT), the country witnessed yet another blast in the northern state of Kano, this time at a mobile phone market.

So far, the number of casualties have not been given, though witnesses say that rescuers are on ground dealing with affected victims. Policemen on the scene fire warning shots to keep people away from the affected area, while rescue vans rush injured persons to hospitals.

Though the source of the attack is not yet certain, it bears the characteristics of the Islamic sect, Boko Haram. For a while now, the Nigerian military has claimed victory in their war against terrorism, with an incursion into Sambisa forest just two days ago.

In the recently concluded India-Africa Summit, President Buhari stated that if current positive trends in the fight against terrorism in Nigeria is maintained, Boko Haram will be history by the end of the year. Hence, the Nigerian military has until next month to put an end to the six-year reign of terrorism in the country.

Recent attacks have mainly been focused on markets, religious worship centres, and motor parks.

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