Mathieu Flamini is an example of how to be a ‘skillful’ billionaire in three impressive ways

Mathieu Flamini, a midfielder for English football club, Arsenal FC, is no longer able to keep it a secret. According to reports, the 31-year-old French national might be wealthier than Stan Kroenke, American billionaire and owner of the club, based on the recent discovery on Monday, November 16, of a groundbreaking biochemical company that he happens to own.

GF (Granata-Flamini) Biochemicals announced its scientific achievement in figuring out a way to mass-produce levulinic acid (LA), and replace the use of fossil fuels. If the company’s theory is correct, then it has found a solution to one of the planet’s biggest issues for the future, and gained itself the number one spot in the emerging, revolutionary biochemical market, which is worth over $30 million.

Reportedly, this impressive feat has been in the works since Flamini transferred to AC Milan in May, 2008. The transfer facilitated his meeting with his friend and current business partner, Pasquale Granata, who shared his vision in the energy industry.

Flamini’s big news has both shocked and impressed everyone, regardless of whether they belong to the football world or not, and these are three lessons to take from his success.

Care about nature and your environment, and find someone who does too

Flamini disclosed in an interview that he has always been close to nature, and concerned with environmental issues such as global warming and climate change. Luckily for him, he found someone to share his concerns with, in the person of Granata, and with their trailblazing achievement, they prove that a problem shared can indeed be one solved.

Be smart

After Flamini and Granata researched LA for months, with the help of the Milan Polytechnic, they succeeded in coming up with a way to produce it on a cost-effected basis, and immediately patented it. The next seven years saw different stages of trials, errors, and changes evolve, but the pair did not give up and continued to patent their progresses.

Before the start of his football career, Flamini was studying to become a lawyer. His foray into chemistry came as a result of his concerns for a better, greener planet, and he had to study to that effect. Despite being a financially risky venture starting out, GF is presently carving a niche in the planet.

Don’t tell anyone

According to the football star, not even his family knew about his diversification plans. His teammates, both in Milan and Arsenal only found out with the launch of the company in Italy last week. Flamini determined to keep his involvement and achievements in the field a secret, until every last detail was ready. GF Biochemicals currently has 400 employees, and offices in Italy and Holland, and is planning on opening one in the US.

Be Flamini

…patient, dedicated, and a risk-taker. According to him, he is not sure why he and his partner were able to make this breakthrough where so many others have tried, but he is proud of their achievement. Flamini is now an impressive scorer in two notable fields.

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