Mark Zuckerberg says 360 video is now available on iOS

Mark Zuckerberg recently shared a new 360 video experience on Facebook. How does it work? You click on the video as it plays and move it around. But how is this different from other videos we see on social media? Well, it makes you feel like you are actually a part of what is happening.

Zuckerberg’s Facebook post indicated that the virtual reality experience is now available for iPhone and iOS users. Back in September 2015, Facebook introduced the 360 video experience for PCs and Android smartphones. According to the Telegraph, the 360 videos are made using special cameras to record all 360 degrees of a scene simultaneously. Any of the compatible operating system’s users can touch the screen and drag to move the pictures left, right, up or down. Also, they can record while holding up the phone and turning while the 360-degree video follows them.

However, Facebook is not alone in this experience, by March 2015, Google’s video streaming service, YouTube launched its own 360 video experience on enabled devices for users, although at the time, the resolution for such videos were not as high as traditional YouTube videos.

This new technology is proof that Zuckerberg will keep bringing about new experiences for his wide range of users to keep them wanting more out of the social network.

The video Zuckerberg shared on Facebook was shot by ABC News. Click here to see his post and watch the video.

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