Don't wait for free houses - Makhura

Karabo Ngoepe, News24

Pretoria - Gauteng Premier David Makhura has called on residents, who can afford to build their own houses, not to wait for RDP houses from the government.

"Mamelodi is one of the areas where a lot of people are waiting for houses. Some people have been waiting since 1996 with nothing happening," said Makhura.

"Those of you who can afford to build your own houses, please do and don't wait for the RDP. Come and ask for land and build for yourself. You will die while waiting for that free house to be allocated," he said.

Makhura was addressing residents of Mamelodi on Wednesday as part of the Ntirhisano community outreach project which looks at government projects and their progress.

He told residents that he knew all the challenges they faced as a community but urged those that can afford to do things for themselves to alleviate the housing burden the government was faced with.

Makhura added that he knew there were those who genuinely could not afford to build their own house and government would assist them to better their lives.

"Those who can't afford, please be patient, your house will come. We don't want you to march to our offices, we will march to you," he said.

Makhura told residents that he wanted his government to be proactive and on the ground to get a better understanding of their everyday struggles.

He said gone were the days where leaders sat comfortably in air conditioned offices while residents struggled.

"We must be a government on the ground working with people to solve their problems. Officials must not sit in offices with air conditioning. They must be out here with the people in the heat," Makhura said.