Confidential documents missing after workers disrupt police committee

Thulani Gqirana, News24

Parliament – Members of Parliament and the deputy minister of police have condemned the "disappearance" of documents during the sitting of a committee on Wednesday.

A few copies of the police committee's draft report on the enquiry against provincial police commissioners who had expressed their support for suspended National Commissioner Riah Phiyega disappeared after MPs were forced to leave the venue by striking workers.

The workers stormed the police committee on Wednesday afternoon, vowing not to let any work continue until their demands were met. This is the fourth day of the strike.

MPs were asked to leave the venue, and when they returned, found that some copies of the report they had been going through had disappeared from their desks.

Police deputy minister Maggie Sotyu said it was unacceptable that documents had disappeared in the middle of a meeting.

"Those documents are for the eyes and ears of MPs only until they are reported on. This is really unacceptable."

African National Congress MP Angeline Molebatsi also condemned the striking workers.

Some protesters had picked up the copies on the desks to fan themselves while they were singing and dancing in the Good Hope committee room.

The meeting was postponed until new copies could be made available for MPs.