SA businesses embracing recycling - index

Cape Town – The number of South African businesses embracing recycling initiatives are on the uptick, an index shows.

SA businesses that practise and promote recycling initiatives have increased by 9% in 2015, according to the 2015 Metrofile Information and Records Management Trends Index.

"It is reassuring that South African businesses are collectively moving towards a greener mind-set, as it is vital for companies to implement these practices in order to protect our environment," said managing director of Rainbow Paper Management Dorota Boltman-Malone.

Boltman-Malone said the number of businesses that recycle paper documents increased from 74% in 2014 to 83% this year.

The index was compiled using data from 200 management executives from local businesses operating mainly in the financial services, business services, industrial and information and communication technology sectors, among others.

The index also shows that 89% of businesses in the country are still required to store paper documents.

"This statistic proves that it is difficult for companies to take on the paperless office route, which is why they should turn to recycling solutions in order to ensure that companies’ post-consumed paper waste does not negatively impact the environment," added Dorota Boltman-Malone.

According to the Paper Recycling Association of South Africa, 64% of SA’s recoverable paper was collected for recycling in 2014.

“This statistic provides a guideline for all of us that there is huge room for improvement if South Africa wishes to become a country that processes 100% of recyclable paper,” said Dorota Boltman-Malone.