Zimbabwe's Hydro Power Investments Under Threat

By Jeffrey Gogo

The intensity of the current energy crisis, which in part results from the water shortages at Kariba, demonstrate not only the threat climate change poses on future financial investments into hydro power, but also that hydro can no longer be relied upon to make Zimbabwe energy secure.

At a time the country seeks to boost power generation, the option to invest into hydro-power provides little guarantee for reliable power supplies now and in the future, as the 750 megawatts-capacity Kariba Hydro Power Station has ably illustrated, snapping to 63 percent of capacity following just two consecutive drought seasons.

And in a vicious ecological cycle, the rising domestic and global climate risks will only exacerbate the water shortages at Kariba (or at any other hydro-electric power plants) that are fuelling Zimbabwe's worst power crisis ever.

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