17m Housing Deficit - 'There's Need to Determine Spatial Spread'

By Usman A. Bello

Peter Kuroshi is the Registrar, Council of Registered Builders of Nigeria (CORBON). He spoke on how housing can be made affordable for low-income earners.

Nigeria is estimated to have 17 million housing deficit. How can this gap be bridged?
The logical thing to do is to step up the production of housing. But the solution is not as simple as I present it. The first thing is to confirm the figure and do a mapping to determine the spatial spread of demand and supply because reliable data are key to housing challenge. For instance, specifically we need data on supply, demand, mobility and market activity using government and private data sources to generate data that create new markets. There should be a government policy to encourage housing production.

So what are the challenges in housing sector?
I will look at the challenges from the perspective of deficit as a result of affordability. There are what I call barriers to affordability or barriers to affordable housing. These include land title and titling process.

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