Refuse Dumps Take Over Benue Towns

The offensively unpleasant stink which emanates from the refuse heaps on the streets of major towns in Benue state has put the communities at the risk of pests and diseases. SOLOMON AYADO writes that the number of undisposed refuse bins have remained unchecked by the authorities.

Huge heaps of refuse have been sighted in every nook and cranny of the major towns in Benue state. Situation of refuse heaps and waste bins are not peculiar to the agrarian state alone but management of the waste is one thing that is fast improving in other places, not so in Benue.

The sight of waste collection containers and bins spilling over with rubbish onto the major streets is unpleasant, and an eyesore to say the least.

As one sights the rubbish piled high and disorderly on the roads, the nose can only respond to the offensive odour that oozes out of the refuse, from one street to the other.