Mieter the cat grumpy but safe after pylon falls on home

Jenni Evans, News24

Cape Town - He's slightly grumpy about all the bustling around his turf, but Mieter the cat, who went missing when a powerline fell on his humans' house in Sunningdale, has been found.

“The security guard heard a noise inside,” said a relieved Leslie-Ann de la Guerra, whose house was severely damaged when an Eskom pylon toppled onto it because of strong winds on Saturday night.
“Then we discovered him in the back bedroom.”

But Mieter was still a little grumpy that there were so many people walking around his territory, what with all the engineers, inspectors and guards bustling about. He only relaxed when everybody went home, De la Guerra said.

He is not hurt, and does not appear to be shaken after the enormous iron structure crashed onto the roof of the house in the Table View area.

In the meantime, the Table View Residents Association (TVRA) will conduct its own site inspection on Monday afternoon after their initial observations showed "that the pylons and the area around them were not being maintained".

‘Tower was rusted’

TVRA chairperson Leon Alhadeff alleged that rust was found at the base of the pylon that fell, and bushes growing around it indicated it had not been maintained for some time.

“The tower was rusted. It was definitely rusted,” he said, adding that it was one of at least 60 built on a green belt popular with walkers and cyclists.

De la Guerra will leave Mieter in the familiar surroundings of the house, so it will not be unsettled further. But she has temporarily rehomed her three dogs, who also escaped unscathed.

“It is difficult to find a place that will allow pets,” she said with the clock ticking to Wednesday, when they have to have found a place to stay for the short term.
Her and her family will also have to find another temporary home while the damage is being repaired.

Cleaning up

De la Guerra was not at home when the pylon fell.

But now the hard work starts - which includes mopping up the water spilt in the house when pipes were torn off when the pylon landed between the roof and the kitchen, leaving gaping holes.

“You hear about these things, see it in the movies and you don't think this can happen to you,” she said.

The association and the City of Cape Town's safety committee as well as Eskom would meet on Monday to discuss the incident.

“We will be taking Eskom to task. The city has a responsibility of due diligence,” he said. “They are all below sea level and they are at water logged levels where you can't build.”

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