UKZN campus closed after protesters disrupt classes

Kaveel Singh, News24

Durban – The University of KwaZulu-Natal students have once again closed down their Westville campus after demonstrators pulled students out of classes on Monday.

Speaking to News24, SRC spokesperson for the Westville campus Nash Khumalo said students believed their demands were not fully met.

“We are merely continuing with our protest action for free higher education for all. This morning we have gained some momentum. We have gone to classrooms and removed students without harming them.”

Khumalo added that there was a large police presence but that there were no incidents thus far.

“They have come out in their numbers but we are going to do our best to ensure all is kept as peaceful as possible. We will not instigate anything.”

UKZN Pietermaritzburg SRC spokesperson Mondli Nkonzo said they had not planned any protests but were meeting to discuss President Jacob Zuma’s statement on Friday.

“We will thereafter decide on a plan of action. For now we will just meet.”

Student protests have emerged over fee increases for 2016. The nationwide demonstrations swept the nation, and prompted a move by President Jacob Zuma to announce tuition fees would not be hiked next year.

Other universities including students at the University of Witwatersrand have vowed to continue their #FeesMustFall campaign until all their demands are met, including free quality education for all, they said over the weekend.