#WhatsTrending 23.10.2015: #FeesHaveFallen, Maiduguri, Yobe

In order to keep you updated on what is happening in Africa and around the world, we have compiled a run-down of the top stories that are currently trending on social media.

#FeesHaveFallen: The #FeesMustFall hashtag has now been replaced in South Africa with #FeesHaveFallen after President Jacob Zuma announced that there would be no tuition fee increase for next academic year.

Maiduguri: Reports from Maiduguri in north-east Nigeria say a suicide bomber attacked the early morning prayer at a mosque in the city killing at least six people while about 12 were injured.

Yola: Reports from Yola the capital of Adamawa State, states that there have been another blast today just few hour after the Maiduguri blast in the early hours of Friday.

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