Protesting students try to break down fence at Union Buildings

Karabo Ngoepe and Ahmed Areff, News24

Pretoria - Protesting students were trying to bring down the fencing at the south lawns at the Union Buildings ahead of a mass gathering on Friday.

Large groups of students were shaking the fence that prevents access to the buildings, while others attempted to break a lock on a nearby gate.

Some were pulling off part of the metal on the fence, while others had climbed a nearby tree and were only a short leap away from being on the other side of the fence.

President Jacob Zuma was meeting student leaders and the management teams of various universities at the buildings on Friday.

He was also expected to address the protesters.

University of Pretoria students had arrived several moments ago, while other students were at the lawns from earlier in the day.

Students from Johannesburg were being bused to the Union Buildings.