Mozambique Government Forces Attack Opposition Leader's House

MAPUTO - Various local and international news agencies, including the government run TV channels, report that a large military and police contingent of foot soldiers and armoured vehicles surrounded the residence of Afonso Dhlakama in the city of Beira this morning.

The government announced that the operation was undertaken to "disarm" Renamo's fighting forces. The government announced that the operation was a success and that twenty men had been disarmed. A number of rifles and RPG's have been confiscated according to the government report. It is not clear how the government intends to disarm the estimated 35,000 remaining Renamo fighters.

At this time it is not clear if the Renamo leader, Afonso Dhlakama, has been arrested. The residence remains surrounded this afternoon.

Mozambican political analysts speculate that this event marks the beginning of yet another destabilization process.

AA Staff Writer - Maputo, Mozambique