Paul Kagame might be President of Rwanda for a third term after all

There have been recent developments in President Paul Kagame’s bid for a third term in office. Following this recent trend among African Presidents, the Rwandan Supreme court has lent its support to Paul Kagame’s third term bid.

Rwanda’s Chief Justice, Sam Rugege did this when the court threw out the opposition party’s lawsuit to halt any change in the constitution that would support Paul Kagame’s bid for a third time in office.

“Denying the free will of the people to choose how they are governed is not democratic, rather it is the opposite” Rugege was reported to have said. He made this statement in obvious reference to reports that about 3.7million Rwandans signed a petition asking Rwanda’s parliament to amend the constitution so as to allow Kagame contest for a third term.

Paul Kagame served as both Vice President and Minister of Defence of Rwanda from 1994 – 2000. He was then elected as President of Rwanda in 2000, and has held that post till now (attaining victory in elections both in 2003 and 2010).

This recent concession by the Rwandan parliament means Kagame might still be President after his tenure runs out in 2017. The duration of each Presidential Term in Rwanda is seven years, meaning Paul Kagame can still be President of Rwanda for the next 9 years bringing his number of years in office to 21.

Paul Kagame recently said he will run for a third time if the Rwandan people allowed, and they have. Like some other African Leaders, this ‘love story’ has the potential to end on a sour note.

Likewise, it also could denote continuity in the projects started by Kagame’s administration. Either way, just like the famous words of John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, ‘Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely’.

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