Earth tremor in Johannesburg

Adam Wakefield, News24

Johannesburg - Did the earth move for you? Probably not.

But Johannesburg was victim to a mild earth tremor on Wednesday afternoon, according to the Council for Geoscience.

Lead competency manager at the council, Michelle Grobbelaar, told News24 that the city experienced the tremor around 14:45.

"It was quite a small event, magnitude 2. I would be very surprised if people did feel it," she said.

"If a building is built on a certain type of geology, which can amplify the ground motion from the earthquake, [it] is quite possible [to] feel that seismic event."

However, generally speaking, a tremor with such a low magnitude was not noticed, especially during the day when people were busy.

Several people on social media seemed to feel it, though some more than others.