Gauteng should expect heatwave to last the week

Lizeka Tandwa, News24

Johannesburg - It may take more than shorts and iced drinks to cool off in Johannesburg and Pretoria as the South African Weather Service predicts the current heatwave invading Gauteng will only cool down on Sunday.

South African Weather Service forecaster Vanetia Phakula said areas in Gauteng could expect sweltering highs up to 37°C.

She said parts of Mpumalanga and North West had also been affected by the blazing heat.

"We can already see Pretoria at 37°C today [Monday] even though we predicted a 36°C high. We can't say with certainty if the forecast will go up or down. We do expect this heatwave to last until Sunday," Phakula said.

She said Johannesburg weather would range from 31°C to 32°C; Pretoria would be between 35°C and 36°C and Vereeniging around 33°C until Sunday.

"This heatwave is normal at this time of the year and it forms a transition period. It is not a unique phenomena."

Phakula said Gauteng would experience an "upper air trough" on Sunday so a bit of cooling off could be expected.