Take the Slum From the People and Not the People From the Slum

By Alusine Sesay

Seated among several youths in the Kroo Bay community, Charles Carew remarked, “We were born and bred here and we have nowhere to go.” Charles is the Youth Chairman of the Kroo Bay Community. He has spent over 38 to 40 years in the community. He was born and bred in the community.

He is quite comfortable living in that community despite all the odds. For him, relocating to an alternative settlement is not the alternative, at least in the near future. “Some of us would not be comfortable relocating to any settlement other than here,” Charles stated. “Government should remove the slum from the people instead of removing the people from the slum.”

Kroo Bay is one of the slum communities that were heavily hit by flood on 16 September this year. In the mayhem that ensued, two children and an adult lost their lives in the community. Many houses were swept away, coupled with the destruction of millions of Leones worth of properties. Despite the seeming gloom and doom, majority of residents are not willing to relocate to safer locations.

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