Live wire kills worker

Amil Umraw, The Witness

Pietermaritzburg - A domestic worker was found dead on the banks of a ditch in Northdale after she reportedly stepped on an illegally connected electricity cable on Thursday.

It is believed the woman was working at a home in Nehru Road when the owner’s dog ran out of the gate and towards an informal settlement nearby.

The woman reportedly chased after the dog and stepped on a live electricity cable on Firwood Road.

Ward 28 councillor Nithia Govender said he was “absolutely saddened” by the woman’s death.

“This was an incident that could have been avoided. The powers that be need to help us in eradicating the illegal connections. These connections are taking people’s lives. People who are connecting their electricity illegally need to realise that it is now killing people. Hopefully their conscience makes them realise this,” he said.

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