Baía Farta's New Housing Project Construction Set to End in December

Baía Farta — The construction of a new housing project in Baía Farta Municipality, in the central Benguela Province, comprising about one thousand houses, will be concluded in December, this year, ANGOP learnt last Monday during the visit of the secretary of State for Urbanisation, Nhanga de Assunção.

ANGOP has learnt that the works started in January 2012 and when it reaches 89.9 per cent of execution there must be at least one thousand houses (three and four bed-rooms) in near completion.

Speaking to ANGOP, the municipal administrator of Baía Farta, Maria João, said alongside the housing project, some other social infrastructures are also being built, such a crèche, a primary school and a secondary school.

The secretary of State for Urbanisation, Nhanga de Assunção was accompanied in this work visit by the vice governor of Benguela province for economic matters, Gika Morais, and senior staffs of the Construction Ministry.