This XE wireless smartphone charger works like Wi-Fi; it can charge your phone 17 feet away

Smartphones are great; they are one of the most successful and appreciated technological inventions of our time. But they come with unique issues, for example, their battery life. The volatility of ‘man’s new best friend’ is such that a charger, cord, an extra battery, or power bank has become a necessary daily accessory. Imagine this problem solved – that you could walk into a building, and your phone automatically starts charging, no cables or plugged-in pad needed. Cool right?

Well, this is the latest innovation of Polish electronic product development company, TechNovator. The company’s CEO, Ivan Chuba, has developed an XE pack that lets you wirelessly charge your phone over a distance of up to 17 feet from the charge base powered by an electric socket. The method is based on the principle of resonant electromagnetic fields – electric power is transmitted wirelessly between two power transmission coils that operates in a resonant mode. This principle of operation is identical with the operation of a radio receiver, mobile data connection, or Wi-Fi. The XE pack comes with a smartphone case and a charge station or power router. The charge station automatically starts charging the phone as soon as it detects the case within its range by transmitting electromagnetic waves to the receiver in the case, which charges the phone battery.

TechNovators wireless charger - XE pack Credit - TechNovator
TechNovators wireless charger – XE pack
Credit – TechNovator

TechNovator also developed an application that allows you to manage and control the charger and the charging process. The XE application allows you to access the complete statistics of charging, fine-tuning and system configuration, and also allows you to set priorities for charging – you could set battery levels, specific times of day when you want the system to start and stop charging, or set the intensity of charging; low intensity is recommended when the phone is in use. Using the application you can configure the system by choosing the mode when your device should be charged. The locator for searching of available charge stations is provided in the application.

XE App
XE App

The XE can charge four devices simultaneously, without a loss of speed, and more devices at a slower speed. Though the system has a 17 feet range, the further the phone from the station, the slower it charges. But an average phone within five to six feet of the charge station will be fully charged in around four hours. The company also ensured that the device meets safety requirements, it operates in a frequency range that is absolutely safe for humans and animals. The system works at frequencies that do not affect home appliances.

TechNovator’s XE pack will be launched in November as a package that offers the charge station and an iPhone case. The success of it will lead to the inclusion of other smartphone ranges. According to Digital Trends, the receiving panel is 3 millimetres thick, so it’s easy to build into phone cases. However, in the future, it could be built in devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearables.

XE cases for iPhone Credit - TechNovator
XE cases for iPhone
Credit – TechNovator

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